Large Scale Portrait Fees and Procedure

When commissioning Ceravolo to create a large scale oil on canvas, Ceravolo will take a series of photos in a very casual and quick photo session ( as many as 150 photos in 30 minutes). Ceravolo prefers a more serious natural photo, rather than a big smile. "When a person smiles, their eyes tend to squint more than normal, their lips appear thinner and their face is wider than when they are not smiling. The perfect pose is when they are just looking at you and listening to you, all of their features (nose, lips and eyes) are much truer to how they really are , without being distorted. Thatís the natural expression that I look for when I am painting" says Ceravolo. From these photos, Ceravolo will indicate which ones he feels will work the best as the subject for the oil on canvas, and the client will say which they feel is their favorite. They will discuss what they like best about each of the photos and agree on which will be used for the final painting. At that time, they will also discuss color treatments for the background and "floating" illusions (if any). Various techniques can be used in the painting, including Ceravoloís trademark illusions that appear to be "floating" in front of the canvas. Some paintings also have antique textured backgrounds, giving them a less contemporary feel which works well with a more traditional decor. There are many techniques that can be used. Ceravolo and the client will look through previous paintings and discuss the techniques they like in those paintings. They will also discuss a completion date for the painting. 

A 1/3 deposit is required when the photographs are taken, a second 1/3 deposit is made approximately midway through the portrait commission and the final 1/3 payment is made when the portrait is complete and ready to ship.


Says the artist of his own childís portrait: "The love I feel for my son is impossible to put into words, However, my gift for painting has allowed me to express my love and emotions on canvas, and in so doing, capture this moment in time forever... a single and unique moment in reality that passes by all to quickly."


Large Scale Portrait Fee

40x40" oil on canvas ..........................................................$22,000

Each additional person on the same canvas add $9,000.



Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Artwork of Ceravolo or would like to schedule a portrait. 631-726-2523


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